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24 hour emergency service for pianos damaged by fire, smoke, water and flood.
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STOP! Don't Let a Furniture Moving Company Move Your Piano! Only hire a profesional

Never let anyone move your piano without proper equipment. A piano is a delicate piece of artwork that can be very costly to repair. One wrong move, and your piano moving experience can result in a broken piano leg or side, and a scratched finish. Worse yet, the piano's main components can be severely damaged. Repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don't take the chance when you need to move your piano.

Only a Professional New York Piano Mover:

Piano MoverPiano moving is a specialized service, and should never be trusted to an amateur mover, or a furniture moving company. Even though sometimes the cost of using a local New York furniture moving company appears lower than that of a New York piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging or securing for the move may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable. While spinet, console, studio upright, upright grand, and other upright pianos typically need no disassembly; baby grand piano, grand piano, and concert grand pianos must be carefully disassembled, wrapped in blankets, and placed on a skid board or piano board.

A safe trip is assured, as your precious cargo is secured within one of our fleet’s vehicles. Your piano will be carefully packaged and carried, with no detail spared. We are properly scheduled and dedicate ourselves fully to every job, moving one piano at a time. Our local New York piano movers are first class piano technicians as well. If your piano needs to be tuned or repaired after delivery, our qualified and certified technicians can perform.

The New York Piano Mover Inc., has been moving pianos in the New York area for over 15 years. Bill Rogers, The Piano Mover of Suffolk County, is known as an expert piano tuner in the Suffolk County, Long Island, and New York tri-state areas. His piano expertise and skills go well beyond piano moving, from his keen ear for tuning to his keen eye for detail in piano restoration. His work can only be described as excellent. The Piano Mover of Suffolk County is a full service piano moving company that specializes in New York City NYC / New Jersey / Connecticut / Long Island areas. We are THE full service professional piano moving company with the best piano mover serving the Long Island New York area.

SUFFOLK COUNTY PIANO TUNING! Did you know that every piano, upright and grand pianos alike, must be tuned at least twice each year? Pianos need regular tuning to keep them up to pitch and produce a pleasing sound; and are typically tuned to the standard concert pitch of A = 440 Hz.
SUFFOLK COUNTY PIANO STORAGE! If you're having home repairs performed or you're relocating, don't take the risk of piano damage. Let us store your upright or grand piano in our brand new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility.
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Yes, we are INSURED!
We are Piano movers of the New York - Tri State Area. New York NY, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state
area including all five boroughs of New York City NYC out to Nassau and Suffolk Counties to Montauk Point, all of Long Island.
SUFFOLK COUNTY PIANO RESTORATION! The Piano Mover of Suffolk County will move your piano from your old house to our shop for an affordable restoration before the piano arrives at your new dream home.

The Piano Mover of Suffolk County is ready, willing, and able to make your move a safe, happy, and stress-free experience!

We move hundreds of pianos per year -- and have earned the highest reputation from thousands of satisfied customers! Our owner is always on-site to make certain that the job is done right and your needs are being met. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction for every job.

The Piano Mover of Suffolk County GUARANTEES all their work - References available

You can expect on time and friendly service for all your piano needs, every single time.

The Piano Mover of Suffolk County is a piano moving company based in Bohemia NY 11716, Islip Township, Suffolk County, NY. Bill Rogers of has moved thousands of pianos all over Long Island, NY!

Piano Facts from The Piano Mover of Suffolk County.

In 1850, when Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg left for New York and changed his name to Henry E. Steinway, four of his five sons immigrated with him. He moved to Queens, New York in 1865, but went back to Germany regularly until 1880, when he went back for good. He opened the company's second plant here. So there is not one Steinway sound, but two.

A grand piano action is faster than a vertical (spinet, console, upright) because it has a repetition lever. This allows the pianist to repeat the note when it is only half way up. A vertical action requires letting the key all the way up to reset the hammer action.

Piano Sizes
Concert Grand - 8' 11" and larger
Half Concert Grand - 7'4" 
Parlour Grand 6'8" 
Drawing Room Grand - 6'4" 
Professional Grand - 6' 
Living Room Grand - 5'10" 
Baby Grand - 5'8" 
Upright - 51" and up 
Vertical - 36" - 51" 
Studio - 44" or taller 
Console to 42" 
Spinet - 36" to 38" 

The Piano Mover of Suffolk County GUARANTEES all their work - References Available

Bohemia, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York 11716
Tel: (516) 381-2328