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We provide Storage in NYCIf your piano needs to be stored, either temporarily or for longer periods, make sure the piano is first moved properly by a qualified piano mover, and then stored properly by a professional piano storage company such as the Piano Mover of Suffolk County. Stored incorrectly, a piano and its components may warp, damaging the hardwoods and other piano components. This is most often due to changes in humidity and temperature where the piano is stored. All modern piano manufacturer warranties strongly suggest pianos be kept as far as possible from all sources that change in temperature and humidity including windows, baseboards, radiators, vents, AC units, fireplaces, and outside walls.

If you're remodeling or repairing your home, don't risk damage to your piano. The New York Piano Mover can professionally move your piano, then store your upright or grand piano in our climate-controlled piano storage and warehouse facility located in Suffolk County, New York.  Our facility features a full service tuning, restoration, refinishing, and rebuilding workshop, offering racked storage. Stop by or call us to see our facilities!

Our state-of-the-art storage and restoration facility is climate-controlled piano storage at reasonable rates. At our facility, your piano can be tuned, restored, refurbished, and refinished for you. While in storage, piano tuning is essential to keep up the string tension at all times. Make an appointment today!

Piano Mover StorageWhy is Climate Control Important?
Temperature and humidity are key factors in the long term life of any piano, and must be controlled and maintained at the appropriate levels to ensure proper aging of the piano's wood, strings, and felt. In our facilities, we keep one constant temperature and humidity level all year round. We provide proper storage away from heat vents, water sources, outside walls and windows.

Clean, Dust Free Environment
Pianos in storage at The Piano Mover of Suffolk County are carefully wrapped and placed carefully on piano boards, with all their accessories (bench, pedals, and legs) wrapped in special blankets. Our piano warehouse is cleaned thoroughly two to three times weekly to keep away dust and prevent damage to your valuable piano.


Every piano, from grand piano to upright to spinet, should be tuned at least twice each year to enjoy a long quality life. We offer piano tuning, pitch raising, & voicing - we repair and service all types of - from grand to spinet, contemporary to antique...

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We are Piano movers of the New York - Tri State Area. New York NY, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state
area including all five boroughs of New York City NYC out to Nassau and Suffolk Counties to Montauk Point, all of Long Island.

Don't let amateurs move your piano! Improper moving or your piano can result in damage that can result in the need for tuning, or even repair of major piano components. Let experienced, professional piano movers take care of your moving needs. Our local piano moving coverage area includes the entire New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut tri-state area - including all five boroughs of New York City NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, & Staten Island), Westchester, Suffolk and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point.


There are nearly 10,000 parts in the typical piano - any one that can affect the piano's performance including key pieces like the keyboard, soundboard, strings, soundboard, hammer, bridge, pedal, damper, etc. For optimal performance, let us repair, restore, tune and make your piano sound like new!


Bring out the appeal of your piano. Let us refinish and polish to bring out its natural finish... Pianos were, and still are, popular instruments in private homes, and have been a part of the development of western culture for centuries. Pianos have commonly been called: "the ivories", "the joanna", "the eighty-eight", and "the black(s) and white(s)", "the little joe(s)". Playing the piano is sometimes referred to as "tickling the ivories".

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